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JIRA Intergations: Confluence, Bitbucket, Stride

Maria Dorogokupez

Each core Atlassian instrument is highly functional on its own, and JIRA is not an exception. As an Agile tracking system for software deployment, it leverages an out-of-the-box Agile workflow where you can create user stories, plan, prioritize and distribute tasks, continuously receive up-to-date information on current development status and visualize your team performance data.

Yet Polontech experts suggest you not to stop on separate JIRA use. JIRA is integratable with Confluence, Bitbucket, Stride and numbers of smaller Atlassian tools, as well as third-party programs. No matter what tool you need and choose – through integrating JIRA you’ll get a smooth Atlassian eco-system that’ll fit solely your needs and goals.

Now let’s outline the crucial benefits of integrating JIRA with the core Atlassian programs.

JIRA and Confluence. Confluence is a flexible software for content collaboration. Together with JIRA, it creates a transparent project management system, where you can:

  • automatically link JIRA issues and Confluence software documentation
  • promptly create issues and reports
  • search for necessary info in emails and use it in reporting

A more detailed account on JIRA and Confluence integration benefits from our leading expert you can find here:

JIRA and Bitbucket. Bitbucket is a distributed version control system that embeds Git solution. Integrated with JIRA, it transforms into a wholesome development system, where you can:

  • create Bitbucket branches within JIRA and automatically transfer information from one another
  • set automatic JIRA updates for Bitbucket pull requests, branches and commits
  • trace the status of your Bitbucket deployment work in Jira Software Release Hub

JIRA and Stride. Stride is an innovative corporate messenger. Integrated into JIRA, it sufficiently upgrades the communication and teamwork. For instance, you’ll be able to:

  • send notifications from JIRA Server to Stride when issues are created, transitioned, commented on, etc.
  • filter and configure JIRA notification

JIRA by Atlassian is undoubtedly an easy to integrate and manage on your own tool. Yet, to maximize the return of investment into it, it’s better to turn to professionals for a customized configuration. Contact Polontech, and we’ll find the individual solution for your company!

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