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Jira for Time Tracking

Aleks Yenin

It is possible to create a custom filter with a custom search query:
project = “My project” and timeSpent is not null and updated > startOfWeek(“-1”) and assignee was CurrentUser()

Also, it is possible to install the Jira timesheet add-on which generates a tabular breakdown of time logged against projects, tasks and lets you export the information in Excel.

You can make use of the User Workload Jira report which displays useful time tracking information on issues assigned to a particular Atlassian Jira user. It shows the number of unresolved Jira issues assigned to the specified user, and the workload remaining, on a per-project basis.
To create a report, you need to view (any) Project page, then select “User Workload Report” from the “Reports” link on the top right of the Summary screen.
You can also try our Jira add-on or plugin Intelligent Reports. It lets you design the output format you want in Microsoft Word, and fill in the data using simple point and click rules, which allow you to filter, sort, etc. on all attributes of logged time.
It even comes with two timesheet example reports, a project timesheet and a cross-project timesheet. These should be easily adaptable to what you need.

You can use “JIRA Timesheet Reports and Gadget” , it generates beautifully structured report with wide range of configuration options.

Also you can find some useful information on topic here:
If it is not enough you can hire Jira Expert or Jira developer to create specific report 🙂

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