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Jira change key: is it possible? Some thoughts

Alex Kisliak

 There are some keys in Jira: Jira project key, Jira issue key. Some thoughts on Jira issue key change.

When people talk about Jira key, in most cases it means a Jira issue key. 

As you know, an Issue is a building block of a Jira project. The issues could perform the tusks, bugs, stories, and any other project issue types. Here’s how you can create an issue in Jira:

Create an issue in Jira

Create an issue in Jira

Therefore in Jira, all issue keys are completely unique as every separate key refers to every little piece of your work in Jira. All Jira users are able to recognize them and remember them quickly.

Screenshot of an issue key

Screenshot of an issue key

At the same time, you can not change any issue key that simple, as it’s unique (exclusive). However, there is a kind of solution if you need to do that for some reasons. You can make the “Move” operation of a ticket to another project, for example. And in this case Jira will generate another unique key, so technically you’ll manage to change it.

Or, you can copy it, and in this case, you’ll save the old key, but Jira will also create the new ticket with a new key in compliance with it. 

And if your project key changes, then all the issue keys in this project will also change. But if you have Jira and Confluence integrated, and in your Confluence documents the old keys are pointed out, the integration will keep working, meanwhile while clicking on the keys the new and actual tickets will open. 

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