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JIRA and Confluence. Benefits of Integration

Aleks Yenin

Today we’d like to speak about two Atlassian products such as JIRA (one of the most popular tracking systems in the world) and Confluence (a powerful system that helps to organize the work of your team). These products can be used separately and together, and it’s great as they’re well integrated and complement each other.

Here are the main benefits of JIRA and Confluence integration, that allows you to:

– create and edit pages quickly and easily;

– stay in the loop on other projects and any information you’re interested in;

– attach documents and follow discussions of your team;

– create any number of workspaces and logically organize the content;

– find, use and update necessary information so that it will not be lost in emails;

– get the notes and comments of your team’s meetings quickly;

– give all members of your team more information about challenges and problems that JIRA Confluence tracks.

JIRA support helps companies manage their work with Atlassian products and you can ask questions and get answers of Atlassian experts.  Anyone can handle using of JIRA and Confluence systems as they’re very simple to use and administer.

This was a very short list of benefits of JIRA and Confluence integration. If you’d like to learn more about JIRA and Confluence or need JIRA support, feel free to contact us and our Atlassian experts will provide all information that you’re interested in!

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