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Introducing New Service from Polontech: Atlassian Health Check

Aleks Yenin

Are you getting 100% of what your Atlassian stack is capable of? We introduce our Atlassian Health Check – an in-depth business and technical audit of your Atlassian ecosystem. Our consultants will provide you with a detailed overview of the current state of affairs of your instance and then prepare a detailed list of recommendations on the processes, workflows, roles, configuration, tooling and management.

With a constantly increasing number of users and greater amount of workload, you may notice the drops in performance or usage of “worst” practices from newbies.

When it is used

  • when you are planning an update anytime soon
  • when you are noticing performance issues
  • when you JIRA admins are struggling to define the scope of their responsibilities
  • when you are planning to expand in number if users or processes
  • when you are evaluating the performance
  • when you are planning to implement a new methodology (DevOps e.g.)


Make sure your Atlassian instances are in line with best practices
Improve performance, security, time management and stability
Enhance user experience and improve efficiency of your team

Be proactive – identify potential future threats before they arise

What you can expect

Technical aspect of the audit

  • Audit of all technical settings of the system – get detailed information about your server, its possible configuration, database components.
  • Customization recommendations – we prepare the list of recommendations on customizing the workflows (based on best practices framework), fields, screens, accesses etc.
  • Audit of the configuration elements – prepare the list of recommended plugins that could help achieve your business goals, suggest custom java development or custom plugin development
  • Team audit – the review by interview team members and instance’s administrators to identify and solve issues for team members as well as for end-users.

Business aspect of the audit

We base our Atlassian expertise on the set of best practices such as ITIL, DevOps, Lean building and adjusting Atlassian tools in the most efficient manner for your business.

  • Business processes optimization- we are building our recommendations on the workflows according to the business analysis of current processes, we manage complex integrations if you’re using other systems apart from Atlassian.
  • Cost optimization – we will direct you to the hidden clues on how to save money while using Atlassian tools, how to manage and mitigate them. We’ve been able to discover and implement savings opportunities up to 45% for our clients.
  • Tools administration – we set and re-install the tools in such manner so they are able to adjust to the changes made in processes and support continual service improvement, supporting the business growth.

Looking for a long-term partner to keep your JIRA healthy all year long?

Polontech long-term partnership aims at delivering long-lasting results and optimization. We deliver monthly and quarterly reviews and retrospectives that help track performance and act proactively. We take care of your licensing, updates, changes and ensure that your system runs effectively all year long. Contact us and get to know the exciting opportunities you get from working with Polontech.
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