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How to Prevent Post Vacation Stress

Aleks Yenin

So the vacation time came to an end?

No matter how long your vacation is, first work days after return back to office might be stressful. Here are some of our personal tricks how to get ready for usual work routine and how to act to prevent “post vacation stress”.


Don’t talk about work

It’s the first and most important rule: “Don’t talk about work when being on a vacation”.

Everything related with work should stay at the office as all these thoughts can ruin a vacation you were dreaming to have. Sometimes taking your mind off work requires much effort, so you should concentrate on desire to relax to be sure you won’t regret spoiling days off by thinking of work.

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Get back to things you love in daily routine

Jogging in the morning, office yoga breaks, favorite movies in the evening, family and friends dinners, – you should get back to everything that makes you feel of love.

Truly enjoy life as soon as you are home again. This will help you to smoothen the change of activity − from relaxing vacation to your daily responsibilities.


Vacation food “detox”

Seafood pasta, frog legs, rice, and curry, – leave it all behind. Your stomach is usually overloaded after being on vacation and even a bit tired because we always try so many new dishes.

Your first days after vacation menu: full of tasty fruit, various salads, and other delicious vegetable dishes. This will help you to get back into usual nutrition plan consisting of healthy food.

After being on vacation we often feel sorry for those coworkers who spend their summer in the office. A secret trick in cheering them up is bringing a pack of foreign beer to taste while you share vacation photos.

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