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Migration from JIRA Project to Cloud-Based Hosting

Aleks Yenin

First of all, we must say that due to the limitations there is no good and simple ready mechanism to import a project into the cloud version. However, it is possible to do it by following an instruction we’ve written down below.


Before you begin.

This import procedure overwrites all existing data and configuration in JIRA Cloud as well as cross-application settings, for example, issues and their attachments, look and feel configuration, and users and group memberships. Please be aware that if you choose to import data with this procedure after you have used JIRA Cloud for a while, you will lose all the data input in the interim. So we suggest using intermediate standalone JIRA in order to save all data in existing Cloud JIRA.


Migrate JIRA project from Standalone to Cloud:

  1. Create full backup for both JIRA (Cloud and Standalone)
  2. Install a new standalone JIRA (the same version as Cloud).
  3. Import data from Cloud backup to new JIRA using JIRA Export menu in System configurations.
  4. Restore project from Standalone backup to New JIRA. Mapping must be configured in advance. Custom fields, users, field options, workflow must be created.
  5. Create full backup New JIRA standalone.
  6. Create avatars, logos and attachment folders backup.

Attachments, avatars and logos formats: .zip, .tar, .gz/.tgz, .tar, .bz2

  1. Upload the files to the cloud by using WebDAV.
  2. Log in as an administrator. Then at the top right of the screen, choose  > System.
  3. Choose JIRA Import in the System section.
  4. Click the Next button and follow the instructions on the wizard to finish the import process.


Problems that can occur during the import process:

  1. Different versions of JIRA Cloud and Standalone. In this case xml file must be edited manually.
  2. Additional custom fields and options in Standalone and Cloud JIRA.
  3. Logos and attachments may be copied manually in some cases.


Hope this instruction will help you to quickly and efficiently migrate JIRA project to cloud. Don’t hesitate to contact us otherwise.

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