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ITSMF webinar “GDPR implementation without troubles and fines”

Maria Dorogokupez

GDPR implementation has been a thoroughly discussed and well-covered event in Europe. EU companies had enough time and extensive guidelines to become GDPR compliant. Yet for their Russian colleagues this regulation was and, by and large, is still an obscurity. Such ignorance is understandable, but can not be justified, especially for global cutting-edge enterprises.

So itSMF – society for ITSM specialists in Russia – decided to organize a webinar for their members so that the competent people could exchange their GDPR knowledge and expertise. Aleks Yenin, leading ITSM expert from Polontech, took part in the webinar as a speaker and the major EU expert. Vladimir Razuvaev, Chief Compliance Officer at Softline, and Andrey Prozorov, Cyber Security Leader at Solar Security were Aleks’s co-speakers and offered their insights on the impact of GDPR and its peculiarities in the Russian region.

The agenda of the webinar was the following:

  • what is GDPR
  • what impact does it have on Russia and russian companies oriented at the European market or those who outsource for EU
  • GDPR and Big Data, GDPR and Service Desk
  • legal aspects of GDPR

At 11 am on 19th of June Aleks Yenin began the webinar with explaining the reasons that led to GDPR implementation: hackers and recent security breaches, public opinion manipulation and Cambridge Analytica. Moreover, Aleks described in great detail what companies with different degree of involvement in EU market should do to become GDPR-compliant and uncovered what financial and reputational risks will run whose who won’t comply. He especially emphasised that EU clients carefully consider reputation of their potential contractor, so GDPR compliance is a good competitive advantage for Russian companies. Aleks also outlined what rights companies and users have under GDPR and what should a GDPR-wise privacy policy contain.

The webinar definitely had positive results, for it sufficiently calmed down those worrying about new regulation and enlightened those who didn’t know what to do with it. Let’s hope that Russia and other non-EU countries will brave GDPR and all challenges it has to offer.

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