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Confluence onboarding

Alex Kisliak

If you think you can install Confluence for your enterprise by yourself, then… you’re right. Confluence is an intuitive and easy-to-install tool. But what use will it make? Do you have knowledge, effort and time to install it thoroughly, once and for all and, most importantly, so that it suited all your needs? In most cases, no. That’s why you need to turn to Polonech for Confluence onboarding services.

What we offer:

  • Confluence installation and configuration
  • integration with the access management system
  • creation of new accounts
  • roles distribution
  • initial spaces and pages structure creation
  • custom look and feel the development
  • creation of mail server
  • integration with messengers like HipChat, Stride, Slack
  • initial Confluence training

Turn to our highly-qualified specialists and get a perfectly customized for your needs and ready to work instance in a week’s time.

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