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Confluence for Content Management at Polontech

Maria Dorogokupez

I’m a content manager at Polontech and what I enjoy the most is the process of writing. I used to think that all I would need for my work is Microsoft Word and my muse. Yet as I was getting more and more acquainted with Atlassian instruments, I understood that Confluence provides too powerful content management capabilities to be so easily ignored.

So there are two wonderful ways I use Confluence for: manage information and links from various platforms

At some point i’ve noticed my research files are not just disorganized – they are simply scattered around Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. I could have transported all the data into one system, but instead I integrated the platforms with Confluence and got a nice solid knowledge base without painful lengthy migration.

2. organize manager’s approvals of my content

When I submit my articles for review, i can’t be really called an editorial process – more of a factcheck, to make sure I got all the technical details right. Still I have to kind of distract my colleagues from their direct duties, which is rather awkward. With Page Approal addon for Confluence I simply appoint a reviewer for my latest article without the hustle of sending links and docs and get timely reports from my co-workers. Confluence also offers similar addons – Comala Workflows Lite for Cloud and Approval Macro, but I just like Page Approval the most. I guess it’s the matter of preference.

I hope that many other outstanding discoveries await me on my Confluence content management journey, but for now that’s all I found out. If you want to try Confluence for yourself and don’t know how to approach this tool, you can always get in touch with our consulting team.

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