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Ukraine 2015: Charity visit

Aleks Yenin

All around the world people need help and support and if you have the possibility to help at least some of them, why not do it? It can be either moral or financial support and you can choose the way of the help. As everybody knows children and elderly people need special help as they are not able to take care of themselves.

First of all, we visited an orphanage located not far from Lviv, where children with special needs live. Among them there are children whose biological parents are deceased or children from poor families. We were impressed by one history of a 25 year old man. He was a normal boy, but at the age of 14-15 years, he got into a car accident and his parents died. It was such a big shock for him that his mental health became very poor. Now he almost doesn’t understand anything and speaks only about cars.

Clothes, personal hygiene items, toys and sweets were bought for children. We also found animators and volunteers and organized a concert with jugglers and acrobats. Kids were very happy to see the performance, they smiled all the time and we were pleased to see their happiness and the smiles on their faces.

We were also glad that at least for one day we made them smile and they forgot about problems and sadness.

Certainly, elderly people also were visited by our company in an assisted living facility. We talked about life and health and also brought them personal care products and detergents. They were also thankful for sweets and we saw sincere happiness on their faces.

If everyone could share a little care and time with people who really need help we’d make the world a little bit better and happier. Besides, it’s so pleasant to make someone’s day happy.

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