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What is Change Management in ITSM

Maria Dorogokupez

IT is a highly volatile industry for many reasons: innovations, breakthroughs, upgrades, new solutions and regulations, and so on. Even though progress is undoubtedly a positive notion, there’s one thing that clouds on the overall goodness – how to adapt to a new landscape. Change management is an integral part of ITSM and perhaps the most relevant in today’s fast-paced IT environment.

The aim of Change Management is to provide balance between two contradicting objectives of ITSM: on one hand – stable, reliable services, on the other – flexible services that evolve together with business requirements. The most effective ITSM practice that allows managers to succeed in both is the usage of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). ITIL is a body of knowledge within and concerning only a certain company (in more detail ITIL was described here: When faced with the necessity to change, IT companies that employ ITIL are able to get an overview of what guidelines the company has for that case, whether there were similar cases, how did the company manage them and whether they were successful. Moreover, with the help of ITIL change manager can work out change priorities, promptly create the optimal change management strategy, implement the necessary changes and get it across to the employees and clients.

Atlassian, as a multi-functional tool provider, provides a solution for Change Management – JIRA Service Desk. This tool was not only carefully developed to encompass all the necessary features and functionalities for change management, but also was ITIL certified in four processes – from PinkVerify™ and Axelos™. To earn a PinkVerify certification, a tool has to match the features, terminologies, workflow, functional requirements, and other standards.

Jira Service Desk has certifications for the following processes:

  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management

Want to onboard a Change Management system for your team? Consult Polontech, and we’ll come up with the most optimal configuration for Jira Service Desk.

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