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Why Bitbucket repository is a great tool for professional dev teams

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Alex Kisliak
Posted by Alex Kisliak
July 10, 2019

Bitbucket from Atlassian is a great tool for the dev teams, especially if you get Jira and Bitbucket integration, and we’re going to describe why.


There are many code control and version control systems on the market, but Bitbucket repository from Atlassian stays one of the most popular tools, as it claims to be the Git solution for professional teams. 

So, what exactly is Bitbucket and why it is a tool for professional dev teams?

A long time ago developers used to create all their stuff sitting in the same room, but these days are gone now, and there are lots of teams which have their team members all over the world and separated not only by rooms but also by different time-zones.

Bitbucket Repository-img-1

The main benefit of Bitbucket is storing the code in one and secure place, leaving it open for all teammates, so they can without any obstruction get access to the code or parts of it, or pull out the code based on their work. Also you can easily track all changes and rollback if needed. Actually, you can store not only code but also the scripts and even the server configuration. Due to the simple and straight-forward web interface, you can navigate and search for what you need without any effort. 

Bitbucket team

Another bonus that makes this Atlassian tool different from the others git hosting services is the possibility of creation of full free private repositories up to 5 people. That’s why Bitbucket team is oriented mostly to small developer teams. The possibility of breakdown big pull-request in the code review process will also help the professional teams.

An upgraded code review system suggested in Bitbucket with a faster turnaround time for a pull request makes sure that any collaboration in the team is simple and all the steps are transparent. With it, coders also can set up the workflow of build-test-deploy, by enabling the pipeline feature of the current repository.

Bitbucket Repository-img-2

Bitbucket perfectly integrates with Jira as it’s an accomplished system for software development, project management, and bug tracking. Due to such combo, the users don’t have any need to leave the current tool to receive the bug issue status report and fix all the bugs immediately. You shouldn’t have any problems with immediate code fixing using in-line discussions in which all the dev team members can leave comments and hold conversations within the code snippets. If you kept your previous code on Git or CodePlex and don’t want to miss a thing, you can easily import all the existing code to Bitbucket.

Bitbucket Repository-img-3

So, Bitbucket and Jira are an ideal match because firstly they are both Atlassian tools, and secondly, using both tools together you’ll get some secret Bitbucket features revealed, like editing Jira issues and leaving comments inside Bitbucket and automatic linking of the issues. With the help of all these small things your team will be able to create a perfect workflow and be more productive, and as a result, release your products more frequently. 

To make Bitbucket flawless, add some apps. We bet after that you won’t imagine your life without them. If you go to the Atlassian Marketplace, you’re sure to find what you need, as there are more than 150 Bitbucket apps, and among trending ones, there are solutions for different metrics monitoring, graphics building, SVN to GIT migration simplifying, global overview of everyone’s activity in the project and others.

Bitbucket apps
Top rated Bitbucket apps in July 2019

All these benefits let all developers code like real pros! It’s a great tool for productive and collaborative coding. With it, you and all your teammates can learn how to improve their coding skills much faster. Plus, it is affordable, and small teams can use the service for free. At the same time, all team members can work with code together, and all changes will save automatically, letting the users get back to different steps of work when they need. So don’t hesitate and try Bitbucket now, it’s really worth it. 

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