Best Books on Agile Project Management

Mar 2, 2015
Aleks Yenin

Posted by Aleks Yenin

Hi guys, today we’d like to share the list of our favourite books about Agile project management and its implementation in the development process.

N.B. We focused only on those books that cover the general principles of Agile and not specific rules for highly specialized spheres (like game development, Android development etc.).


Best books on Agile project management from Polontech


Let’s start with an oldie most Agile followers know by heart. It is Agile Software Development with Scrum, the very first book about Scrum methodology written in 2001 by two of its founders, Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle. It is a good and clear overview of all practices and principles of Agile and Scrum methods. Some people might think it is a bit out-of-date now as Scrum has significantly evolved since the book was written, but it is still a useful read. This book is a great combination of theory and practice and will be valuable to anyone who wants to adhere to Agile methods in their software development process.

Another book by Ken Schwaber you’ll find useful is Agile Project Management with Scrum (Developer Best Practices), which provides a clear explanation of Scrum, from the very basic tools and methodologies to methods used to translate requirements into the software functions. The theory is backed with practical examples and case studies of real life projects. The book also provides tips to solve common problems of Scrum implementation. Our senior Java developer loves this book, and he is definitely the one to be trusted 🙂

Our leading business analyst recommended The Art of Agile Development by James Shore and Shane Warden, a book every Agilist shall read. The authors outlined and explained 37 Agile development practices and divided them into five categories: thinking, releasing, collaboration, planning and development. Each Agile practice or component has practical examples, so the book will provide real value to testers, analysts, developers and anyone who wants to dig deeper into Agile development methodology.

One of the most popular answers in our poll was Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products by Jim Highsmith, another Agile founder. According to our business development director, the book provides an insightful overview on Agile project management and compares it to traditional development methods in the form of a dialogue between two project managers, an Agile one and a traditional one. It represents a complete guidance for managing the development process and explains the most important Agile concepts.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland provides not only guidances on how to implement Scrum methodology into software development process and everyday life, but also the back story of Scrum invention and the philosophy behind it. It is full of real-life stories and examples that clearly show and explain what Scrum really is. The book is written in a plain and simple language and is truly engaging.

For afters, we have a fresh book by Michael Nir, one of the most well known Agile consultants in the world – Project management: The Agile PMO: New insights model 2015 (Agile Business Leadership). It was published less than a fortnight ago, but our PM has already read it and recommended to every single soul in the office. It offers new solutions to the problems every PM encounters in the development process, and contains advice on how to create, launch and develop PMO that will be effective for your business.

We hope these books will be an enjoyable read, and will convince you that Agile project management approach is something you should definitely try in your development process organisation.

If they don’t – just contact us – we will! 🙂


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