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Dec 17, 2014
Aleks Yenin

Posted by Aleks Yenin

Nowadays cloud and virtualization technologies have become widespread enough. These technologies allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources. Jelastic and Amazon are the most prominent providers in the market that offer such services. In this article we will review the advantages of Jelastic provider as they are often compared to each other and have a lot in common.

The common features of these two providers are:

– simplification of cloud computing;

– web-based interface for creating and managing the environment;

– a wide selection of software stacks and full control over the server, with

– the ability to apply all necessary settings, and more.

One important difference between these systems is pricing. In this article we’ll cover this more. Amazon’s basic idea is in ability to buy server only with defined resources. This leads to a significant increase in the cost if necessary only slightly increase the amount of resources. Even in case of using less resources of Amazon cloud server you still have to pay the entire amount of its.

Amazon server, Jelastic resources, Jelastic advantages

One of the Jelastic’s advantage is providing for the allocation of small amounts of resources to the needed extent and resizing server data transfer without additional configuration. And payment for unused resources are not charged at all so the user pays only for actual resource consumption. Jelastic also provides automatic discounts by the resource. Thus flexibility and dynamic pricing policy Jelastic provides favorable conditions for different types of applications.

And also an important advantage of the Jelastic is making possible to provide scaling resources. Jelastic provides automatic vertical scaling processor power and RAM resources. You simply set the maximum limit for consumption and Jelastic automatically allocates only really required number of resources for your application. Unlike Amazon the resources adding to the Jelastic automatically carried out in small amounts. And if you are sure that your application uses certain amount of resources you can also reserve them.

Jelastic, Amazon, scaling range

Jelastic cloud support is significant opportunity for organizations to shorten time to market and reduce costs. Automatic vertical scaling Jelastic is a unique technology that can significantly reduce costs because of paying only for what you use. There’s no need to reserve resources. You just need to set a maximum limit and Jelastic automatically use just the right amount of resources. The only reason that should reserve resources of Jelastic cloud, this additional discount. The next figure presents the comparison of prices for hosting in USA.

Amazon, Jelastic cost, Jelastic discount

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Amazon EC2

– Offers only servers Limit consumption;

– Each subsequent server type usually 2 times prior and 2 times more expensive;

– You always pay the maximum value, regardless of the number of additional resources


– Appendix scaled unit credit resources;

– You can reserve a minimum amount of resources required for your application and also set a maximum limit;

– The greater the amount of resources consumed, the cheaper they are.


It’s our point of view concerning the advantages of Jelastic support.The original version you can read here http://blog.jelastic.com/2014/06/03/fair-pricing-model-jelastic-vs-amazon/

How Jelastic Beats Amazon Every Time



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