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Atlassian + Trello = Winning Combination for every team

Aleks Yenin

As the core mission of Atlassian and Trello were alike – helping great teams achieve more, this merge came easy according to Michael Pryor, Head of Trello Product.

The two products are at the beginning of a great change. Today teams are more distributed and more mobile than ever before. However, the complexity of their everyday tasks have only increased.The way we work is at the beginning of a massive transformation. Teams are formed around the tasks, and each person can work with many different teams and tools simultaneously. The question is then: how can we keep track of what’s important?

Not all teams work in the same way and use the same tools. Here where Trello has an advantage in its flexibility, and in combination with core Atlassian products it helps to achieve even more. Trull’s new Power-Ups help to keep every team in a company in sync and direct them towards common goals.

A Little More About Power-Ups

Power-Ups make Trello boards even more functional and customizable, and all the teams can keep up with the stream of their work regardless of the tool they use.

Your support team might be using Trello to triage feature requests, which then move into JIRA for your developers to tackle. Later, pull requests get added to Bitbucket and the support team can see in Trello that they got merged to master. Meanwhile, the marketing team uses Trello for their editorial calendar and starts a new Confluence page from within the Trello card to track next week’s blog post. Your remotely distributed team uses HipChat as its virtual office to communicate and fire off Trello cards from the conversation for follow-up action items.

Trello’s goal is to give you a shared perspective across all of your tools at a glance. Status updates from JIRA, code reviews in Bitbucket, goals and objectives in Confluence, and relevant chatter in HipChat can all be linked to their respective Trello cards. Members of different teams know where to go to find relevant information, as well as see how far along a certain initiative is in the process.

The power of teamwork lies in the ability to empower each team member with perspective on the project at hand, from every tool, at any stage. Unlocking this level of teamwork and the potential of these teams is our mission every day.

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