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Atlassian Summit 2015 in California

Aleks Yenin

A company with such a varying history is bound to have something to say about Atlassian products, agile methods, the universe and everything related to JIRA.

This year in San Francisco, California Atlassian Summit 2015 took place where participants could learn the ins and outs of Atlassian products and have good clean fun. Three days of seminars, talks, masterclasses and living Atlassian.

It’s easy to talk about Atlassian products as you can visit conferences or find meetups near to you.
If you’re interested, here’s information
 about coming events:

December 3rd, 2015 (11:00am Australia / 11:00am Europe / 11:00am US Pacific)
Daily Telegraph Webinar: How Agile Rescued Daily Telegraph’s Service Desk

December 8th – 10th, 2015 (11:00am Australia / 11:00am Europe / 11:00am US Pacific)
Engineering war stories: JIRA’s journey from product to platform

But if you have additional questions about Atlassian products or Atlassian tools, our team will be glad to answer them

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