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Main Keynotes of Atlassian Summit 2014

Aleks Yenin

Atlassian Enterprise services Launch

This year was a big for biggest Atlasian clients. Among Cloud and Server served product was introduced Data Center, for the largest companies. In July it was launched JIRA Data Center, next one was Confluence Data Center. During Atlassian Summit Stash Data Center appeared for review.

The new HipChat

With HipChat team members can be always connected whenever they are and what devices they are using – group Chatting, file sharing, immigrates all you application in to one wonderful system perfect for team collaborations.

And now the news – HipChat is free. But, you might be interested – Atlassian has made a GipChat Plus version if you want to add video chat, screen sharing and unlimited storage. 3 billion users so far, just notice – HipChat Server is in public beta, try it out.

Upcoming HipChat version on iOS devices, including newly presented Apple Watch.

Service Desk The Shiny Diamante

Probably it was Atlassian’s most successful launched product ever so far. Within Service Desk 2.0 you will use it without paying a penny for client, just a regular fee per agent (25$).

Confluence. Collaboration in Context

Atlassian has made a CONTEXT – as a main feature of new Confluence version. You van easily select a text and add a comment in a single click. You might also be happy for ability sharing PowerPoint presentations with personal invitations, actually sharing presentations is served for 80 different presentation formats. And finally Atlassian has added a versioning for files.

Dev Teams, Hello World

2 years ago Atlassian has started a journey to change a workflow for product development teams. This year they have started with adding development panel (quite useful, trust me) inside every issue.

Do you remember how was it cool moving your project through panels? Sometimes it was harsh, so Atlassian has added ROBOTS, so they called it. Robots will automatically pushing project during your project success whenever tool you are using (Stash, Bamboo, what ever). It is integrated in to entire development stack.

JIRA Portfolio. Whaaat? Yeah!

The goal of JIRA Portfolio is simple: Plan and Scale. Connect Strategy and Reality. Respond to Change. 

Actually still there is not a lot of info about it. But, as Mike Canon-Brooks said – it will democratize the world of portfolio management. JIRA Portfolio will be good for large teams, but the small teams will benefit for it as well.

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