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Atlassian tools for Non-Dev Teams

Aleks Yenin

Agile methodology is commonly used by software development teams, as they are constantly trying to improve their way of creating software. But when you start to think about it, you realize that many other organizations have similar problems that can be tackled with this methodology: warehouses, marketing teams, even hospitals – all those teams could benefit from becoming agile and using Atlassian tools to optimize their business processes.

“Every team needs some way to organize tasks, activities, projects, deliverables, and deadlines,” one of the Atlassian co-founders said.

Even if those enterprises use some software, it is usually some dominant players which aren’t flexible and that take years to install and configure.

Jira is not an order-tracking tool, Jira is bug-tracking tool – so you might think. But the possibilities of its configurations and integration into existing systems are almost endless. Name the industry – and we figure out how Jira and / or Confluence can become a part of the business processes.

You just don’t give somebody Confluence or Jira and hope that it will help them. There are some challenges that we might want to take into account:

Improving the way of conducting business processes may be scary. It requires some change and change is always scary. So we should create issues and name it using the same semantics the workers use. It is important to use their terminology in order to create familiar environment that is going to be easy to adjust to.

Some training for the stuff and managers is an indispensable step. Everyone should understand how to use these tools and how to change and improve them. People who deal with issues every day know best how to tackle them, so we should give a chance to these people be engaged in the customization and configuration from early stages.

Keep everything simple and familiar. Don’t start with hundred steps, many choices and complicated architecture. Introduce enhancements step by step, so that it won’t scare people off.

Teams need a place to create and share content, and for that purpose, Atlassian offers its Confluence tool. For chat and communication, there’s the company’s HipChat product. Choose the tools wisely and integrate them into existing process smoothly and seamlessly.

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