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Atlassian Certification. Why get certified and what are the options?

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Aleks Yenin
Posted by Aleks Yenin
December 9, 2017

Polontech experts have successfully got Atlassian Certification. It must be said that it wasn’t a piece of cake. But in Polontech we love challenges, hold ourselves to high standards and take pride in what we do every day. 

At the same time we believe more in hands-on experience. Being proactive Atlassian Experts in Europe for 10 years, with 200+ projects completed, we hesitated that Certification is a really needed time investment, but in the end we decided that it could rise our credit in some cases, so we went ahead.

Who should get certified?

These are not certifications for new users of JIRA and Confluence. They are aimed at Systems Administrators with 2-3 years experience using Atlassian. They also target updated instances of JIRA and Confluence. If you have not played around with the latest changes either in a cloud or server environment then going through the certification preparation process will be beneficial.

Why enterprises choose atlassian

Why get certified?

Earning an Atlassian Certification is challenging, and requires to gain experience, sharpen skills and study. But becoming an Atlassian Certified Professional earns you recognition for your skills and experience with Atlassian tools. Becoming an ACP has a number of advantages:

  • You’ll differentiate yourself and stand out as a top performer. You’ll be an expert Atlassian insider who understands the unique needs of your company you’re working for.
  • You’ll optimize Atlassian products for your teams, so they can do their best work.
  • According to many people, who took theexam, the preparation process helps you become more proficient and flexible in your job.
  • You’ll become an invaluable representative of Atlassian at your company and enhance your credibility with your managers & colleagues.
  • Preparation helps you revise the parts of the software you don’t work with on a daily basis.
  • Holding a Certificate opens the door to more opportunities and advancement on your career path.
  • Enterprises prefer to collaborate with official Atlassian partners. This formal assessment from Atlassian confirms your skills and helps you join the elite group of Atlassian professionals.

ACP Certification: options to choose from.

Atlassian offers Certifications and Badges available for:

  • Atlassian Solution Partners;
  • Atlassian administrators;
  • Freelancers working with Atlassian products;
  • Companies who want to improve the skills of their administrators.

The first step is passing a general scenario-based exam, called “ACP-100”. Then you’re eligible to take additional advanced tests to showcase specialized skills and keep your certification current.

Overall there are 5 ACP exams with related exam topics:

We’d like to offer a learning option – whether you wish to get Atlassian Certification, make the most of your applications or adopt the best practice for Atlassian across your teams, we’ve got you covered.

Polontech courses are delivered by authorised training instructors who have hands-on experience using the software. They will guide you and your team through the course information and bring it into context with relevant examples and exercises.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone leaves the training courses with the knowledge, skills and experience to get more from Atlassian software in your organisation.

Some reviews from people who took the exam:

2c954d81-5d4f-4fcb-8b31-a4b2889462d2Rachel Wright, an entrepreneur, an Atlassian JIRA Admin

«I was very happy to pass, but even if I didn’t, the preparation time was valuable. I learned things I simply didn’t know and explored parts of the application I hadn’t touched in a while. The certification process as a whole made me a better JIRA Administrator».

yeninAleks Yenin, Polontech

«The Certificate gives you and the company you work for a competitive edge. Enterprises prefer to cooperate with official Atlassian partners. Atlassian set the bar high therefore the people who pass the exam will have a credential to be proud of. Holding a Certificate communicates a high level of excellence».

6415b1ee-ad5e-4234-8631-07c2deb06257Ravi Sagar, Author, Mastering JIRA book and Atlassian Certified JIRA Administrator

«JIRA Administration Certification is not easy but it is good way to evaluate yourself. I have been working on JIRA for many years but in an attempt to clear the exam I also learned many things about the tool which are hidden somewhere in the official documentation or may be I never really got the opportunity to work on those features or use cases. Nobody is expert on everything and same is true for JIRA.

If you have been continuously working on JIRA Administration for a medium to large scale organization for at least 2 or 3 years then you should easily be able to clear the exam. If you have been supporting any active JIRA for multiple teams then you should be able to clear it».

kislyakAlexander Kisliak, Polontech

«Nowadays Atlassian Certification is vital if you wish to become an Atlassian partner. For people who have little work experience with Atlassian products it’s next to impossible to pass the exam. Earning your Certification shows a long-term commitment to your professional development and sets you up for success throughout your career».

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