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Answers Digest about Atlassian

Aleks Yenin

Today we’d like to once again share some interesting questions (and answers to them) that caught our Atlassian support team lead Alexey Rjeutski’s eye on Atlassian Answers. The questions concern JIRA and other popular Atlassian tools.

Question: How can I migrate Jira from OnDemand to new OnDemand?

If you need to keep data in old JIRA simply follow this tutorial:

However, you need to use intermediate standalone JIRA to solve all the conflicts of merge – and then migrate the result to target OnDemand.

Question: I need to do a back up on a Confluence 5.1.2. I go to Backup & Restore–> Uncheck Back up attachments –> Click BackUp, but the page is sitting and just spinning its wheels. When I tail the log file not much really shows up. Just a routine Confluence chatter.



Question: How can I get the issues that stay on one specified status for too long, like stay on “Open” status over 7 days or stay on “Review” status over 2 days?

Use JQL like:
status = “Open” and NOT status CHANGED AFTER “-7d”
status = “Review” and NOT status CHANGED AFTER “-2d”


Question: How can I allow customers access only their issues while allowing our employees access all issues?


  • You should put your customer inside one new group, and remove that group from any permission scheme but the permission scheme of needed project. Inside that scheme, you should grant create permission to your customer group. Remove the customer from all other groups (now he cannot login into system)
  • Add this customer group into use JIRA global permissions: see
  • Add reporter to browse project permission into permission scheme of target project.

If you do those 3 steps – you will have 1 customer, one group called customers, a customer will be able to login to JIRA, see the list of projects without issues, create issues inside projects and see own issues.


Question: How can I move one particular issue to another project?

If the history is not important I recommend to clone the issue, delete it after cloning,  and move the cloned one then. If you need to keep the issue – easiest way is to contact Atlassian support. Of course, you can delete an SQL record with duplicated idx_old_issue_key and try to move again, but result is not guaranteed. And don’t forget to make backups before such operations.

If this issue has key tag-15, then it seems you have tried to move the issue previously without success. There could be a set of partial results of unsuccessful movement and you should clean up them before next try.

Hope this small digest was useful for you!

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