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What is Amazon Virtual Workspace Based on Windows Server

Aleks Yenin

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Amazon Virtual Workspace Based on Windows Server

In order to start Amazon WorkSpaces AWS account, one will need a PC or Mac to run the WorkSpaces client, and Internet connection.

Amazon WorkSpaces can be set up and managed using the management console. In most cases, it is reasonable to hire an experienced AWS specialist (AWS engineer) to organize the process.

Amazon WorkSpaces

You can use Quick Setup or Advanced Setup on Getting Started page. It is also possible to choose the number of users as well as hardware and software bundle for each new user. After selecting one or more users you choose the bundle:

Amazon WorkSpaces

After the WorkSpace is created an email will be sent to each new user. Users can download a WorkSpaces client to their device and set password. For Virtual PC one will need an account on AWS, PC or Mac with a client WorkSpaces and internet connection on ports (TCP 443 and TCP + UDP on 4172).

WorkSpaces client

For comfortable user experience with virtual desktops Amazon recommends having connection with latency less than 100 ms. It is also possible to recover data in case something happens to the virtual PC.

WorkSpaces user

You can use option Rebuild in this case. User authentication can take place either through the organization’s Active Directory or through the Cloud Directory.

Installation and setting up of the WorkSpaces client can be done by users themselves or with the help of a trained AWS specialist.

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