Watch our vlog – an intro to the upcoming meetup in Chicago!

Aug 7, 2019
Maria Dorogokupez

Posted by Maria Dorogokupez

Great news! We have a YouTube channel now, where we’d like to share with you our first vlog about the upcoming meetup in Chicago.

Here at Polontech, we’re passionate about Jira+Agile, and we’re keen to talk to you about Jira Software in agile projects and task management at our meetup in Chicago on the 29th of August https://polontech.com/blog/speakers-of-polontech-on-atlassian-user-group-chicago-meetup/

Also, we’re excited to present you our youtube channel. It’s kind of a new format for us, and there you will find short vlogs with our experts sharing tips and lifehacks of using Atlassian products, the experience of using Agile and ITIL frameworks, describing our goals, like in the following video:

Our first vlog describes our perception of Agile and SAFe via Jira Software, and how we use it in our projects. Our goal is to go on exploring what it takes to create an environment where one can thrive on using true agile methodology. There you can also find the meetup agenda:

  • Jira for Agile companies and teams
  • Agile / Scrum Artifacts, how do they look in Jira
  • Management: from a Business initiative to a Sub-task
  • Kanban vs Scrum
  • Scaling in Agile, prioritizing, WSJF
  • Planning and estimating in Agile
  • Business perspective and developers perspective, common points
  • Jira Software demo.

Join us at the meetup in Chicago on the 29th of August, and we’ll share with you our experience of how to scale Agile beautifully! 

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