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Agile Cambridge 2018 – Day Three

Maria Dorogokupez

So, this was our last day here and, it was as intense as the previous two, perhaps even more colourful. Our agenda for Friday began with a keynote session from Jasmine Zahno and Joseph Pelrine – “Beyond buzzwords – team performance through the eyes of psychologists”. We believe this is the speech every person working in an Agile team should have listened – not just a team lead or manager. Consultants won’t be able to apply this knowledge on client’s team simply because psychological health and safety can be established solely from within. Our team definitely added some easy but efficient techniques to our armory.

Jasmine Zahno and Joseph Pelrine’s speech

The next for us was the case study “ScrumBan: the future of sustaining a cloud platform” by Brendan O’Farrell. We’ve implemented Scrum and worked with Kanban, but what concerns ScrumBan, we were always rather cautious. Red Hat Mobile’s case inspired us and turned our uncertainty into the enthusiasm to offer this methodology to a couple of our clients. We’re especially grateful for the adaptation and configuration guidelines that will significantly ease our way in our professional mastery of ScrumBan.

Next session we chose was of a more technical nature – “Teaching new tricks” by Clare Sudbery. It’s true what was said in this session description – the methods which Ms. Sudbery was talking are not wide-spread, and although Polontech team came across them and even resorted to them once or twice, but never relied fully. The session was one of the most educational we’ve visited and uncovered to us techniques we’ve hardly heard of, thought we’re not novices in the industry.

And of course, the endnote session… which we, unfortunately, had to miss due to our flight. But we hope to catch up on it and recreate its content from Tweets and reviews like ours.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves all way through the conference, as we were surrounded by knowledgeable, bright people who shared their best and latest solutions. This is an unforgettable experience which we hope to repeat next year.

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