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Advantages of Bitbucket over Github

Aleks Yenin

Bitbucket is a great Atlassian tool that we use and absolutely love, however, Github has also an extensive range of possibilities making us wonder what product is better for a particular team.

  1. You get unlimited private and public repositories for free

That is the most obvious reason to choose Bitbucket over GitHub. GitHub for instance charges $7 per month for just five private repositories. So now you can store every line of all the code you’ve ever written without paying a cent.

  1. Support for Mercurial and GitHub

Now you don’t even have to choose and debate whether to choose Mercurial or Git as BitBucket supports both control systems. If you want to migrate you can easily import your Git, Mercurial or Subversion code. Bitbucket comprises new importer for GitHub to the existing ones like SourceForge, Google Code and Codeplex.

  1. JIRA integration is super easy

Bitbucket has built-in integration system with Jira as it is also an Atlassian product, so it can be easily linked to a bug or task.

  1. It is always smart to have a backup

Even if GitHub goes down due to the fact that you have a distributed version control system you have nothing to worry about. Bitbucket can be a perfect choice for a quick alternative web presence in case Github has some troubles.

  1. Better code review  

Some teams prefer Bitbucket code review over GitHub code review. Bitbucket calculates “merge commit diff” and development teams tend to like this as it detects additional merge conflicts ahead of time: it has a better pull request. Individual developers run into this collaborative merge conflict less often. 

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