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7 Agile Books to Read This Fall

Aleks Yenin

#1 Agile Book to Read This Fall

1. Agile Application LifeSycle Management: Using DevOps to Drive Process Improvement

Author: Bob Aiello & Leslie Sachs

Year of publication: 2016

Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a comprehensive research that covers the most crucial Agile principles and guides necessary to deliver great software or other IT products and services. We all need maximum control, quality, and productivity, and this book provides its perspective on how to achieve them by combining the best practices found in Agile ALM, Configuration Management (CM), and DevOps.

#2 Agile Book to Read this Fall

2. Agile Almanac – Book 1: Singe-Team Projects and Exam Prep

Author: John Stenbeck

Year of publication: 2015

This book can become a great go-to-source for Project Managers, Engineers, and Technical Professionals if they wish to understand how exactly being Agile would help them to be effective. Agile Almanac is written by a recognized Agile evangelist who shares his experience in a well-researched compilation of the most used and proven standards. What makes this book particularly interesting is a collection of various Agile choices and options at the intersection of Lean Principles, Product Development, and Project Management.

#3 Agile Book to read this fall

3. The CIO’S Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance: Applying the Best of Critical Chain, Agile, and Lean

Author: Michael Hannan, Wolfram Muller, Hilbert Robinson

Year of publication: 2014

The book is addressed to senior executives who have already heard the talk about established “best practices” and are ready to implement something new to skyrocket the performance of their team. The CIO’s Guide is a great resource to jack up the IT project portfolios with a great overview of the leading improvement approaches and specific techniques.

#4 Best Agile Books to Read This Fall

4. The API Lifecycle: An Agile Process for Managing the Life of an API

Author: Bill Deerfield, Andreas Krohn, Kristopher Sandoval, Bruno Pedro

Year of publication: 2015

The API Lifecycle covers a very up-to-date problem of managing the life of an API. Particularly, the book reveals the secret sauce to help establish quality standards for all API and microservices providers. You will learn how to excel an API, picturing a holistic model of the API as a business and product. From conception to deprecation, this handbook outlines unique step-by-step instructions on market research, strategy, construction, promotion, and updating your API. The API Lifecycle authors go even further, trying to ground their theories in knowledge gathered during the Nordic APIs 2016.

# 6 in Best Agile Books to Read This Fall

5. The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile: Principles and Practices for an Adaptive Approach

Author:  Charles G. Cobb

Year of publication: 2015

The Project Management Profession is beginning to go through rapid and profound transformation due to the widespread adoption of agile methodologies. This book will help project managers  battle the confusion and misconceptions about Agile process; develop a totally new perspective to see Agile and traditional plan-driven project management principles and practices in a new light as complementary to each other rather than competitive; and learn to develop an adaptive approach to blend those principles and practices together in the right proportions to fit any situation.

# 6 in Best Agile Books to Read This Fall

6. The Connection Algorithm: Take Risks, Defy the Status Quo, and Live Your Passions

Author: Jesse Tevelow

Year of publication: 2015

Jesse Tevelow built his first multimillion company and then decided reveal his success algorithm. Sounds incredible, right? Not so much an Agile book, but we strongly recommend this confession-like story for every tech guy out there who is just looking for some inspiration to start.  After nearly a decade of interviews and research, Jesse has compiled the ultimate playbook for defying the status quo, weaving together the most critical yet overlooked tips from industry heavy-hitters like Ben Horowitz, Tim Ferriss, and Steve Jobs.

#7 in Best Agile Books to Read This Fall

7. Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization

Author: Johanna Rothman

Year of publication: 2016

Whether you are coming from the Agile side of the house, or have a more traditional background, Johanna Rothman’s Agile and Lean Program Management is something you are going to want to have on hand if you are trying to work with or manage teams that use both Agile and Lean practices.

The book offers an explanation of how to go about setting up your program environment in a very clear and pragmatic way. The author’s range of experience in both legacy and Agile methods is a great help here as she offers explanations as to why certain approaches are more likely to lead to successful outcomes than others. Those new to Agile, or who feel that the language used by Agilists can be a bit daunting, should find the explanations easy to understand as they are provided in a concise manner that doesn’t get too twisted up in jargon.

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