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Polontech Atlassian Experts corporate party in Bulgaria, 2016

Maria Dorogokupez

Bulgaria is a country located in the southeastern Europe where you can enjoy the Black Sea and get to know the Balkan traditions.
We believe there are a number of reasons why you should consider Bulgaria as your place for vacation this summer and we’d love to share them:

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bulgaria

Affordable prices

The prices here are low, really, low. And the quality of accommodation, food and drink is higher than average.


  • 1 USD  – 1.40 LV   
  • 1 EU – 1.9 LV 

Lunch for two with soup and salad – $6-7.

Dinner for two with a bottle of wine – $30-35.

A room in a 4-star hotel – $30-40 per night.

Our hotel

View from our hotel

Sand beaches and parties all night 

We stayed in Nessebr (or Nessebar) for a week. It’s a small town with great architecture and rich history, which has beautiful sand beaches and is neighboring with Sunny Beach, a Bulgarian version of Ibiza.

Sunny Beach resort is full of various bars, restaurants and night clubs. If you are looking for a vacation spent in a nice old city of narrow streets, old-fashioned restaurants, 14 century architecture – Old Nessebar would be a perfect location.

If you happen to get bored, you can get to Sunny Beach within a 10-minute walk and there you’ll find the atmosphere of a resort that never sleeps. If you’re a trip lover and would like to explore the country you’re visiting, you might rent a car for a reasonable price and drive to the mountains looking for amazing landscapes or go to big cities to get closer to Bulgarian rich culture meeting great people.

Polontech party

Sunny beach never sleeps

Food, wine and rakia

Probably the first thing you’d be surprised with in Bulgaria is the fact that an average dish no matter whether it’s a salad, meat or fish dish would weight 0.5 kg.

The most popular Bulgarian dishes are salads with “sirene” (white brine cheese) as one of the main ingredients and a wide range of sea food and various grilled meat dishes. We wouldn’t suggest staying at an all-inclusive hotel, as there are so many restaurants you’d want to visit.

But if you like all-inclusives, make sure you go out for diner at least a few times just to check out the great variety of restaurants located along the seaside. In a week we visited more than 10 different restaurants and still failed to taste all traditional Bulgarian dishes.

You’ll also have the possibility to taste Bulgarian red and white wine and traditional drink of rakia (this is a vodka like drink made of vine). These drinks go with almost all of Bulgarian dishes and make a perfect combination. But don’t forget to drink responsibly and make sure you order rakia on the rocks 🙂


Fresh salad, with bulgarian pepper and cheese


Fried chicken salad with corn



Finally done

There’s only one thing you might dislike – Bulgarians don’t usually work overtime. This concerns restaurants in quiet family resorts in particular.

You’ll get your receipt by 11.45 PM even if you want to make your next order for $100. But if you feel like hanging out after midnight, we’d suggest going to resorts like Sunny Beach where almost all places work 24/7.  There you’ll be encouraged to order more and more and stay in by sunrise and even later.

For sure Bulgaria could be a perfect choice for family vacations, all day and all night long parties with friends, spending romantic trip with your loved one and even for co-working with team members you usually communicate with via Skype!

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