2019 Knowledge Management: Standards and Practices in Moscow – sharing our experience

Maria Dorogokupez

Recently the expert session “2019 Knowledge Management: Standards and Practices” passed in Moscow, and we were glad to share our experience along with the other speakers of the conference. 

The Expert session Knowledge management. Standards and practices passed in Moscow, October 16-18. The specialists in this sphere had the opportunity to discuss the international outlook, standards and ways of implementation of Knowledge management. The IT is developing rapidly in all business spheres in Russia, so we were glad to share our experience along with other speakers of the session. 

The previous expert session was successful and memorable for us by the inspiring presentations of Vladimir Leschenko (Rosatom Corporation), Ehor Abramov (Apllana Company). 

This year the program was focused on the sustainable use of Knowledge management practices, on the KPI and getting the value and revenue from the projects of implementing Knowledge Management System. At the conference, the speakers also shared unique cases and attend to the motivation of employees.

All the participants had the opportunity to visit three sections: New role of HR in digital economics, Knowledge management in the sphere of production and Knowledge management in the project and innovative sphere. There also were various master classes, workshops and business games.

For 2 days more than 20 speakers shared their experience with the other conference attendees. Our leading expert Aleks Yenin gave the keynotes on the topic of The management of production culture and the implementation of knowledge management practices. How to engage the employees. Aleks told in detail about the corporate culture and why the knowledge is its core value. He suggested to esteem the issues of knowledge management for ITSM/ITIL frameworks. He also shared the model of knowledge accumulation and distribution in big corporations, and talked about the problem of personnel involvement (according to Aleks, we need to combine the methods and maximize the use of automation, UFFA framework, but we shouldn’t forget about gamification and personnel involvement), and suggested the solution for the problem of knowledge actualization. 

Aleks Yenin describes the reasons of incidents

The expert session started with the Nuclear Knowledge Management Award and signing an agreement of opening the Moscow office of international project Knowledge City. The speakers from International Corporations – Boris Slavin, Aleksei Polkovnikov, Yanko Yanev, Andreas Brandner, Oleg Lavrov, and others took part in the plenary sessions. The session ended with Award of the First Russian Knowledge Management prize called Transformation.

Ekaterina Skrypnik, the moderator of the conference section Management of Knowledge in the field of Production and the Knowledge Management expert said that “Each speaker was talented in his field, and each case was interesting and essential and specified how to enrich  the core business processes using the knowledge management instruments, and this would allow the company to be more effective, resistible and competitive, reaching its strategic goals”.  

The photo was taken from a FB public page @suzisession

The expert session once more demonstrated the high culture of collaboration and unity. We thank the facilitators of this event for the high level of organization of the conference, and all the participants for their unique cases, shared experience and active discussion. 

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