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Polontech are the JIRA users’ management experts

The aspect of user management has been gaining importance around IT space quite recently. An administrator alone nowadays can’t and really shouldn’t dedicate all his time to managing logins and authorization. Instead, user management can be partly automated inside an operating system, which will, among its other functions, ensure that only authorized users and devices have access to the network.

Atlassian ecosystem offers excellent user management automation capabilities through the tool Atlassian Crowd. The tool allows to:

  • manage users from different directories like LDAP, Microsoft Azure AD and Active Directory
  • control authentication permissions
  • provide users with one single sign-on  (SSO)  for all Atlassian products
  • create a custom connector or use AD, LDAP, Microsoft Azure AD, and others
  • manage single user as well as group permissions

Polontech consulting team will install an Atlassian user management system, configured to fit your enterprise like a glove, and guide you through this process, providing any support needed. We can also install or develop additional plugins to add an extra feature per your request. Turn to us and learn how simple it is to manage users.

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"We got automated reliable Service Desk process with the ability to serve a large number of customers. It has powerful reports system to control efficiency of the team. In addition, the process is fully automated and has a very good base for ongoing development and scaling. Polontech team was able to provide all work remotely and within 5 working days. Thanks to Aleks Yenin for great management and engagement!"

Fabian Waser, Board Member, Point Solutions
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