Jira upgrade. Jira software update guide

Polontech Atlassian Experts will do your Jira server upgrade safely and quick

Some notes. Short guide on Jira version update.

Atlassian releases a new version of Jira every few weeks. 

Minor versions contain small functionality improvements, bugs and vulnerabilities fixes while major versions offer new exciting functionality, novel features and an updated interface.

It’s recommended and sometimes could be even very important to do periodical Jira upgrade. All in all, it’s an improved Jira that is always worthy of getting, yet the upgrading process is not as simple as it looks on the face of it.

Jira cloud, Jira server, Jira data center. Should be upgraded?

Jira cloud is a piece of Atlassian cloud instance. No need to do anything yourself.

Jira server. Should be upgraded by an application owner.

Jira data center. Should be upgrade by an instance owner.

Jira upgrade path

Important note: we believe that Jira server (and data center) upgrade activity should be done by an experienced person (the best if by an Atlassian Expert)

  • Check a possibility to upgrade (your Jira add-ons are supported in a newer version, a newer version doesn’t have critical for you bugs and vulnerabilities).
  • Save your settings, configuration and customizations (database, connectors, SSO, proxy settings, etc).
  • Jira home directory backup.
  • Database backup.
  • New Jira version installation setup. Apply your settings, configurations and customizations.
  • First launch of the new version. Add-ons upgrade.
  • Jira new version full health check.

Drop us a line in case you’d like your Jira to be upgraded by Polontech Atlassian Experts.

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