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JIRA installation guide

Jira application has 3 packages or options:


  1. Jira Core. All you need for basic tasks and project management.

  2. Jira Service Desk (SD). Based on Jira Core. Jira SD extends Jira Core with a Service Desk functionality (ticket queues, SD workflows, Service desk issue types, automation, SLA reports, and customer portal).
  3. Jira Software. Based on Jira Core. Implements Agile frameworks for development teams (Agile ticket types, boards, workflows, Agile functionality, reports and forecasting).

Each Jira application can be used as:

  1. Atlassian Cloud. Periodical payment for hosting (licenses). Atlassian Cloud has the advantage of not having to install anything. However, you are reliable on Atlassian regarding information security as your data is on their cloud, many Jira add-ons are not supported in cloud, it can’t be fully integrated in your ecosystem and you would be unable to customize Jira’s look and feel.
  2. Jira Server or Jira on-premises. One-time payment for licenses. Jira server or on-premises provide full access to the application and data. You can use any Jira add-on and develop any custom Jira plugin. Jira can be integrated with any existing system, while interface and functionality can be deeply customized for your requirements. We would be able to create a solution architecture for you, prepare the environment and install Jira server. Usually this process takes from just a couple of hours to a couple of days.
  3. Jira data center. A slightly more complicated format, Jira Dara Center is ideal for big companies as it guarantees the highest level of Jira reliability (executing load balancing and providing multiple application nodes).

Consider Jira setup and installation on Linux

Our stats show that 9 out of 10 companies install Jira on a family hosted server, using a Linux OS:

  1. internally
  2. at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  3. at Digital Ocean

Typical work scope for Jira server installation

  1. Server configuration: environment update, aptitudes and repositories update, configure swapping, install reverse proxy (Nginx, for example), configure proxy, configure SSL, install database, configure Jira application autorun, service registration, install Java, configure Java environment for the application.
  2. Jira installation and configuration: install Jira, configure DB, health check (check logs, add- on, base links configuration), user directories configuration.

It will take a little more time to complete the installation of Jira Data Center.

Jira configuration after setup

Following its installation, Jira will require some initial configurations do be completed. Important things to consider are:

  1. memory usage by Java
  2. HTTPS and reverse proxy
  3. users authentication and authorization mechanism
  4. proxy and Internet access
  5. integration with existing ecosystem

Looking for a team you can trust to successfully setup Jira for you? Our Atlassian experts will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. Simply get in touch by clicking below.


"We got automated reliable Service Desk process with the ability to serve a large number of customers. It has powerful reports system to control efficiency of the team. In addition, the process is fully automated and has a very good base for ongoing development and scaling. Polontech team was able to provide all work remotely and within 5 working days. Thanks to Aleks Yenin for great management and engagement!"

Fabian Waser, Board Member, Point Solutions
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