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Learn how effective your JIRA is with Polontech

You’ve been a loyal JIRA user for many years and have recently started noticing that it’s not as effective as it used to be? Bugs and mistakes keep popping this and there? You’ve lost the track of add-ons and plugins installed over the years? Do you feel that your system can’t keep up with your evolving business needs?

Keep calm. You don’t need a new tool – you just need a JIRA Healthcheck. Polontech is here to get your JIRA back at its peak performance level.

What we’ll do:

  1. Have a meeting with you to learn about your needs and wishes for JIRA;
  2. Assess your current architecture, including versions, updates and add-ons/plugins;
  3. Find and fix mistakes in the Jira itself, its add-ons and updates;
  4. Check the operational environment (processor capacity, storage space, drives) and backups;
  5. Check user directories and index coding, optimize licenses and its usage, configure e-mail servers;
  6. Check your compliance to data security policies, Nginx configurations, Tomcat, permission usage;
  7. Present a wholesome report on the completed healthcheck, enlighten you on the strengths and weaknesses of your new system and give some recommendations.

How long?

An average JIRA Healthcheck will take 4-5 hours, however, the duration depends on the scope of the enterprise.

How much?

$99 per month.

What will you get:

  • Fail-proof and effective JIRA/Confluence workflow
  • Save money for the add-ons and plugins you don’t use
  • Сlean logs
  • Configuration security

Successful case:

After we started monthly healthcheck for a large German company, the number of incidents on Atlassian infrastructure was decreased in 2-3 times. Also, we managed to save around 2500 euro on unused add-ons. Additionally, the user experience and satisfaction were increased significantly (as we managed to resolve several issues which we had noticed while checking logs). We found out that some users have duplicate accounts in the apps and we are going to clean it up and save also on licenses.

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