Confluence upgrades

Upgrade every technical aspect of Confluence with Polontech!

Confluence upgrades

At least once a year Atlassian releases a new version Confluence, and it’s not just a formality. Atlassian really works hard to bring the tool to the next level, make it more powerful and user-friendly and fix all the bugs. So if you ask Polontech team whether it’s worth time and money to upgrade your Confluence, we’ll say – definitely!

Polontech certified professionals will conduct the upgrade without distracting your team from the work process. First we estimate your current Confluence version and its efficiency and review the performance of integrations and customization. Then we launch the upgrading process, and don’t worry – no data will be lost. Finally, we analyze the result of the installation and give you an insight into the changes that new version of Confluence introduces.

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Eric Cahya, CTO Xtremax
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