Confluence training sessions: custom and based on Atlassian certification programs

Learn all about Confluence with Polontech Atlassian Experts

Atlassian Confluence training courses: on-site and remotely, courses and custom sessions for your company

For training courses we use Atlassian certification programs and their scope or we can develop a custom training course about Confluence wiki with necessary documentation materials, videos, etc.

Typical training levels (topics), can include documentation materials, presentations, videos, guides

1. Common users. Getting started with Confluence

  • navigate within the hierarchical content structure
  • manage the most common tasks in Confluence
  • create and edit documents, perform typical page operations (copy, move, delete) 
  • page versions
  • use both basic and complex formatting tools
  • basic macros (tables, content structuring, reporting)

2. Advanced users

  • page title
  • advanced macros
  • labels, macros for a dynamic content
  • permissions and restrictions
  • advanced search

3. Confluence space administrator

  • exporting
  • best practices of spaces structuring
  • individual and group access
  • templates and blueprints

4. Confluence site (application) administrator

  • license management
  • diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • WebDAV and Confluence
  • system admin and administrator roles
  • anonymous access in Confluence
  • re-indexing and cache cleaning
  • import / export
  • backup
  • user management, groups
  • upgrades and rollbacks
  • Confluence hosing, infrastructure
  • add-ons (apps) 

This course focuses on optimizing performance and reliability, global understanding apps and integrations, configuring and maintaining Confluence for your organization. After the completion of the course, the attendees will be able to:

  • configure a Confluence space or a full instance for the organization
  • provide with quality technical administration of Confluence.

We offer you flexible learning options – from online to face-to-face training. Polontech’s Confluence training experts will deliver truly personalized and interactive classes. We transform the content of the class into interactive workshops so that you could go home (having materials, ppt, youtube videos, etc.) with fresh ideas that can be put into practice.

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