Confluence training

With Polontech you'll learn everything about Confluence!

Confluence training

Polontech experts deliver various Сonfluence trainings.

1. Getting started with Confluence. The attendees will learn how to:

  • navigate within the hierarchical content structure
  • manage the most common tasks in Confluence
  • create and edit documents
  • use both basic and complex formatting tools

Prerequisites: None

2. Confluence administration training. This course focuses on optimizing performance and reliability, global understanding apps and integrations, configuring and maintaining Confluence for your organization. After the completion of the course the attendees will be able to configure a Confluence space or a full instance for organisation and provide with quality technical administration of Confluence.

Prerequisite: Strong working knowledge of Confluence, or prior attendance of our Confluence training courses.

  1. Confluence advanced training. The attendees will:
  • Reflect on the best Confluence practices
  • Get an accurate and deep understanding of common user macros

Prerequisite: Prior knowledge and working experience of Confluence.

We offer you agile learning options – from online to face-to-face trainings. Polontech’s Confluence training experts will deliver truly personalized and interactive classes. We transform the content of the class into interactive workshops so that you could go home with fresh ideas that can be put into practice.

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"We got automated reliable Service Desk process with the ability to serve a large number of customers. It has powerful reports system to control efficiency of the team. In addition, the process is fully atomated and has a very good base for ongoing development and scaling. Polontech team was able to provide all work remotely and within 5 working days. Thanks to Aleks Yenin for great management and engagement!"

Fabian Waser, Board Member, Point Solutions AG
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