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Confluence migration

Polontech team of experts can aid your moving to the latest version of Confluence. We have the necessary tools, techniques and experience to carefully and meticulously move the data into Confluence. We will migrate the data without interfering with your job. After migration our experts can additionally configure your Confluence and advise you the additional features and add-ons that could improve your Confluence performance both in the short and long run.

Polontech Confluence migration experts make migrations from different knowledge management systems (OpenKM, eXo, Slack, Google Drive, myBase) and other platforms to Confluence. Moreover, we conduct migrations from cloud to server and vice versa. After switching to Confluence, Polontech offers a number of courses to train your team Confluence to leverage your Atlassian instrument.

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Confluence Консалтинг

“Служба JIRA Service Desk отлично подошла нашей команде. Производительность с момента установки значительно возросла, мы стали отвечать на запросы клиентов быстрее и эффективнее, что повысило уровень их удовлетворенности нашей компанией”

Эрик Кахия, Руководитель технического отдела, Xtremax
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