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We can complete the installation of Confluence Wiki on Linux or Windows for you, either on your existing environment or by creating a new infrastructure (Amazon Web Services etc.)

Confluence Wiki application can be used at

1. Atlassian Cloud. Monthly, early charges for hosting (licenses).

Pros: no need to install anything. 

Cons: you will rely on external company with Atlassian from the information security (point of view as your data hosted in their cloud), it’s impossible to use many Confluence add ons as they are not developed for cloud, and it’s not possible to integrate Confluence cloud fully with your enterprise infrastructure, also it’s not possible to customize Wiki look and feel (blocker for many companies).

2. Confluence server or Confluence on-premises.  One-time payment for licenses.

Pros: you get access to the application itself and its data; any Confluence add-on will work fine; it’s also possible to develop your own add-on if needed; Confluence can be integrated fully with any existing system; Confluence user interface can be fully customized. 

Cons: you need an expert to spend additional time on creating a solution architecture and configuration, preparing an environment and installing Confluence server – usually this will take from a couple of hours (for a typical installation) to a couple of days.

3. Confluence data center

Pros: Ideal for enterprises, big companies (2000 employes plus) and anywhere when 100% reliability of Confluence wiki application is a success factor. Performs load balancing and has multiple Confluence nodes.

Set up Confluence

Want to setup Confluence properly the first time? Are you looking for a company that will ensure that performance, security, settings and usability elements are all installed correctly? Let Polontech Atlassian experts do all the work for you.

Our stats show that 7 out of 0 companies use Confluence server on Linux OS family hosted either:

  1. internally
  2. at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  3. at Digital Ocean

Typical work scope(steps and requirements) to install Confluence server

  1. Server configuration: environment update, aptitudes and repositories update, configure swapping, install reverse proxy (Nginx, for example), configure proxy, configure SSL, install database, configure Confluence application autorun, service registration, install Java, configure Java environment for the application.
  2. Confluence installation and configuration: install Confluence app, configure DB, health check (check logs, addo-ns and base links configuration), user directory configuration.
  3. Confluence Data Center setup will take slightly more time, but could be the ideal solution for you. We are very happy to chat aand establish your specific user needs.
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As a proud official Atlassian partner, Polontech is licensed to supply your team with the right tools (such as Jira), to achieve significant improvements to your business.

Hire us to arrange the proper Confluence installation today from the leading Atlassian partner in Europe (in your opinion)!

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