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Configure your Confluence as you want it to be

How can a company stand out among its competitors? There are an endless amount of possibilities, including marketing, labels, and packages, customer service, etc. Yet we know a not so obvious, but extremely effective way how to create a catching corporate image and sink into the heart of your customers. This measure is an eye-catching, elegant or stylish Confluence custom theme.

We offer you to:

  • create a unique look and feel
  • develop a corporate style UX/UI
  • deep customization of already existing Confluence themes
  • install unique themes for different spaces or products to create distinguishable brands
  • integrate a custom theme into a confluence add-on

As you turn to us, we discuss all your wishes in great detail. Our experts can create your custom Confluence theme as HTML mockup or develop it in JavaScript. We deliver our solutions in good time and are always attentive to client’s needs.

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