Confluence Consulting

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Confluence Consulting

As a project manager, you want to see your team well-equipped. Confluence by Atlassian is a first-class tool for managing the details of any type of project – from software development to meetups and conferences. With Confluence you’ll easily kickstart your project, constantly keep in touch with your team and guide team members in the right direction.

Tackle project management chaos with Confluence by:

  1. creating, sharing and updating plans in one space
  2. allocating tasks on-line
  3. prioritizing certain tasks to eliminate distraction
  4. making decisions promptly

Polontech’s Confluence consultants can provide guidance on how to best implement and integrate everything this collaboration tool has to offer, and how to best leverage the tool for content creation and sharing, far beyond text, including multimedia and dynamic content.

Confluence Consulting

Confluence integration with 3d parties

Integrate your Confluence today!

Blueprints and macros development

Polontech experts will develop blueprints and macros according to your needs

Confluence training

Learn everything about Confluence with Polontech!

Confluence license management

Get maximum benefit from Confluence with Polontech!

Confluence custom themes configuration

Get your Confluence theme configured the way you want


For processes that cannot be automated with the help of existing Atlassian tools,
we offer custom development of business processes optimization solutions
that will address your company's specific business needs.

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