Scrum of Scrums or Scaled Agile for a large ogranization

Scrum of Scrums - scale Scrum from a team level to an organization

Scrum is a cutting-edge software-development framework for Agile. In a nutshell, Scrum implies breaking development into time boxed iterations, or sprints, so that a team works on the most relevant objective for that time. Yet there’s a need for coordination and management system for multiple scrum teams, and that’s what Scrum-of-Scrums is for.  

How is Scrum of Scrums organized? Typically it clusters around a theme or other work item. The scrum of scrums is a short, no more than 15 minutes democratic meeting. A facilitator, or scrum-master, is appointed. Each team sends a representative to a Scrum-of-Scrums meeting where cross-team issues discussed and solved. He or she delivers a so-called stand-up, a report on the situation in his team. Scrum-of-Scrums participants are not meant to discuss the development process – instead, they focus on risks, impediments, dependencies, and assumptions for the project.

Scrum of Scrums concept might seem easy at first glance, yet in practice it’s not so easily implemented. Let Polontech team help you! We are the official Atlassian Expert that offers various tools for Agile development. Jira by Atlassian with Portfolio is a perfect solution for Scrum of Scrums implementation. It creates an Agile workflow where every member of your team will be able to plan his sprints, track and report his performance, as well as discuss the overall performance. To increase the usability of Jira, integrate it with other Atlassian tools like Confluence, Bamboo, HipChat, and Stride.

Polontech expert team will consult you on what configuration of Jira will suit your team the most and will onboard the system without hindering your work process. Moreover, we’ll automate it, using software for portfolio management, and hold training for your teams to introduce them to this concept and reinforce it. Turn to us today and run a more flexible and agile company tomorrow!

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