Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Implement CI/CD approach for DevOps transformation

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

CI/CD approach is a progressive software development method that is a key part of DevOps. CI, or continuous integration, is the practice of merging changes in a code into the main branch as often as possible. Continuous integration allows developers to right away run tests on the new build and promptly detect and fix bugs. CD, or continuous delivery, means producing software in short cycles. That way software is released faster and more frequently and can easily be updated. Together those two methods comprise an effective practice that can greatly affect you team’s performance.

Right off arise fair questions – how to adopt this method for a team and what software or tools to use. Polontech expert team is certain that Bamboo by Atlassian is the best instrument for CI/CD on the market. With Bamboo you can create multi-stage build plans, set notifications about new builds and run automated tests with each change of a code. It also offers automated and easy-to-control delivery. Bamboo allows many useful integrations with other Atlassian products like Jira, Bitbucket, Fisheye and Hipchat. Through integrations you’ll create a highly effective environment where you won’t need to switch from system to system to communicate with your teammates or update deployment and build statuses.

CI/CD method implementation may come as quite a challenge for non-specialists. Let Polontech help with it! Our team will consult you on the best Bamboo configurations and integrations for exactly your team, onboard it swiftly and trouble free and conduct an informative training on how to use it. If you want to release with ease, let Polontech show you how!

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"We got automated reliable Service Desk process with the ability to serve a large number of customers. It has powerful reports system to control efficiency of the team. In addition, the process is fully atomated and has a very good base for ongoing development and scaling. Polontech team was able to provide all work remotely and within 5 working days. Thanks to Aleks Yenin for great management and engagement!"

Fabian Waser, Board Member, Point Solutions
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