Agile training

Learn everything about Agile with Polontech!

It’s never too late to learn, especially when it comes to Agile. It’s always nice to have extra knowledge to leverage competitive advantage on the market of IT.

That is why we suggest you take up an Agile training course, delivered by skilled Agile masters from the leading consulting experts from Polontech.

We offer a wide range of Agile training courses :

  • Agile Project Management

As a result of mastering this course, you’ll get a thorough understanding of what is agile, what processes it implies and what opportunities for project’s life cycle provides. You will also master concepts, projects, team velocity, estimation and prioritization of user stories, risk management, key stakeholders identification and best practices for leading agile teams.

  • Agile Testing

You will gain a complete understanding of how Agile testing approach improves delivery and overall quality. With a clear concept of Agile goals in mind, you will successfully transition, implement, and monitor testing in an Agile environment and introduce traditional testing skills and knowledge into Agile development teams.

  • Certified Scrum Master(CSM)

The CSM class provides not only a strong understanding of Agile principles but also how the principles are executed within the Scrum framework.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

The attendees will learn the scope of functions and responsibilities of the Certified Scrum Product Owner first-hand from Polontech experts.

  • The Certified Scrum Developer

The program will deliver to your team the best advanced Agile engineering practices and other agility skills, along with the Scrum fundamentals necessary for developers to create working software.

  • Certified Scrum Professional

It’s the ultimate goal of all Scrum practitioners as it conveys the proven knowledge in the art of Scrum

Polontech already helped hundreds of enterprises worldwide transform their work culture and build healthy and high-performing teams. Transform your company with the most powerful agile tool that is now available at reasonable prices. Get yourself Agile Transformation today!

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"We got automated reliable Service Desk process with the ability to serve a large number of customers. It has powerful reports system to control efficiency of the team. In addition, the process is fully automated and has a very good base for ongoing development and scaling. Polontech team was able to provide all work remotely and within 5 working days. Thanks to Aleks Yenin for great management and engagement!"

Fabian Waser, Board Member, Point Solutions
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