Adopt Agile for your company

Implement Agile in your working processes

Adopt Agile for your company

Recent days have seen a rise of dissatisfaction with waterfall development and the need for a more real-life method without traditional limitations. That’s how emerged Agile method – a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape with a highly-adaptable framework.


The core of the Agile method is breaking development work into iterations, or sprints. Those are short time frames, typically lasting from one to four weeks. This way a cross-functional team works not on the whole project at once, but within the limits of an iteration in all functions: planning, analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing. As a result, the workflow is divided and prioritized, allowing the team to set and achieve small realistic goals. At the same time, development becomes more flexible – if needed, a team can concentrate its effort on one urgent task.


Agile is gaining popularity around the world, though only a few organization-wide agile transformations have been completed. However, across industries and regions, most survey participants agree that the world around them is becoming agile, and quickly. At the moment Agile is a cutting-edge competitive advantage.

Atlassian offers a wide range of integrative tools for creating an Agile-system within an IT-company. The main are Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Stride, that have a great variety of add-ons and plugins. What is more, all those tools are highly-customizable. We’ll not only install and configure the necessary tools but also conduct training with your team so that you could gain maximum benefit from your experience.


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