Polontech: Atlassian Solutions Partner since 2010

We are a team of Atlassian Experts, ITIL / ITSM / Agile Consultants, Solutions Architects and Software Engineers

We always bring value to business

We believe in IT Service Management, ITIL and Agile. We are versed and experienced in various industries and domains. Not only will we solve the technical problem, but we will always advise on the process improvement or its transformation. Companies from all over the world hire our ITIL and Agile consultants and coaches.

Strong technical background and expertise

The basis of our technical team is recognized experts who have more than 10 years of daily experience in building architectures, solutions and the use of various technologies. Many years ago we chose Atlassian products as a our primary stack for business processes automation, and having hundreds of completed projects, we can state that we know Atlassian tools really well.

We are agile, any client is comfortable with us

We are proud that large corporations (Sony, Mobile TeleSystems, Orange, Nokia, NASA), as well as small innovative start-ups choose and hire Polontech consultants. We work with all the regions. From England and Switzerland, the USA and Mexico, Russia and Australia, Mauritius and Africa, Germany and India.

Our jorney

Starting in 2008 as a team of 15 highly qualified engineers in the field of information technology, we were engaged in the development of custom software. Over time, our expertise expanded, and we transformed into a consulting company, choosing the Atlassian product stack as the main tool for the automatization of ITIL processes and supporting Agile frameworks.

2009 - 2012
Company’s establishment
The main focus is customized software development (mobile applications, web platforms and Java solutions). Annually about 20 -30 projects are successfully implemented.
2013 - 2014
Expertise growth
Almost all the employees are highly qualified experts. The company demonstrates growing interest in complex consulting tasks, building and improvement processes.
ITSM, ITIL, Agile and Atlassian consulting are becoming an important field for us (about 15 regular big customers and additionally dozens of small projects). We became an official Atlassian Partner.
2015 - 2016
Focus on ITSM, Agile, Atlassian
The company took a decision to focus only on ITSM, Agile and Atlassian consulting. Software development projects are transferred into another organization. The company performs exclusively consulting projects (setting processes, transformation) and is engaged in deep customization of Atlassian products (development of extensions, add-ons).
2017 - 2018
Further development
Growth in the number of clients and projects in the chosen niche. Our consultants work with the largest corporations, advanced start-ups, and deliver presentations and speeches at niche conferences. The expansion of partner network.



80 000

Our culture

Customer service
Customer service

Having created transparent relations with the client, we ‘re trying to achieve the maximum level of clients’ satisfaction that they receive from cooperating with us.

Job satisfaction
Job satisfaction

We do what we love and love what we do. Having chosen consciously the path of a consulting company, we are constantly working on the expertise growth, applying the best world practices and modern frameworks in projects.

Success in the market
Success in the market

We try to work efficiently, achieving success in business. It allows us to constantly develop and improve as professionals.

Invest in knowledge
Invest in knowledge

Our experts take part in conferences and meet-ups to share and exchange the knowledge. We are active members of ITSM and Agile communities.

Make a difference
Make a difference

We are glad to be involved in charity activities, help orphanages and nursing homes.

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